Ohhmai, I’m done!

Oheeey there!  Welcome to my very first blog post :O!  I guess a little about me is where to begin…I’m Bella, I’ve been in world too long not to have a blog or a shop of some sort, so I decided…I’d just jump in and do both at the same time! I have a shopping addiction..really, I should be on Intervention or something.  So, now, I’m going to share that addiction with you!

Big ups to my homeboy, The Rock for this quality blog writing tune!

For the past week or so, I’ve been killin’ myself working on turning my sim into a city.  After many failed attempted at terraforming, I brought in the big guns and basically…had it done for me.  Thank god for ex boyfriends, amirite? I’m actually probably NOT right about that in general, but in this case, I super am because I’d still be standing on flat greenness and being emo  if it weren’t for Tristen’s ability to dig a whole in the virtual ground! Huge thanks to him for that! Then the death of my video card stopped progress for a couple days…but that’s alright, cause I got a replacement and it’s omgahhhh crazy graphics! My little shop will be opening up in that Subway verrrrry soon, and I’ll be sure to keep you all posted! I’ll probably be changing up the look of this as I go, processing photos and what not..but I’m just too damn excited to do that today. So here we go!

My look was inspired by the work I’ve been doing on my sim today.  I threw on a pair of baggy jeans from JP, a Beanie ❤ and grabbed my spray paint cans and Bandeau top from Action, and headed off to put some last minute touches on everything.  Graffiti is art people!

Like a big chunk of SL, I’m obsessed with Plastik skins, so naturally when I saw this one for FLF, I had to have it. These skins are so amazing, I have several of the others and I spend a lot of time just looking at my own hip bones. 😡 Whaaat? They’re sexy! This skin is no exception, of course! Several different make up options and a cleavage option come with, and all for 50L. Flawless, edgy, perfect! *stares at her hip bones some more* These pants from JP are amazing too.  They come fully equipped with everything you could need for a busy day too…an ipod, a flask…some dirty socks. I love the textures on these and that they fall so low on the hips, so I…err I mean..so YOU can stare at my hip bones some more! And if it weren’t for my spray cans from Action, I’d never have been able to finish off the sim! I super love them! They come with a prop ladder, a ladder you can attach annnd a can for your hand, so you can tag anything you see, anywhere! 😛

Here’s the list!

Skin – :[P]: – Ataciara-Elven-Valah-Light-Cleav-2012 ++ aikea.rieko

Shape – Self Made

Eyes – .:Hermony:. / R-Eyes / Frost ++ hermanni.laville

Hair – Magika Hair // Dara (top only/heavily moded) ++ sabina.gully

Beanie – .:Hermony:. / Oversized Beanie / Khaki / ++ hermanni.laville

Top – Action Womens Bandeau Top – Rose ++ marilynmonroe.munro

Pants – [ JP ]:dsg. *Traveler Pants ++ jasper.potez

Shoes – UBU PornStar Lo-Tops ++ coke.dreadlow

Cig & Zippo –  —SHEL`TTER ++ bounce.diesel

Spray Cans – Action Unisex Grafsky Shoulder Belt ++ marilynmonroe.munro

Poses – Self Made \o/

And now, for a little shameless self plugging!  A couple pics of my sim. Like I said, It’s still a work in progress, but feel free to come hang out, that’s what it’s there for! OH! And soon there will be a lil pose shop there 😛




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