You Know What It Issssss…

Okay..maybe you don’t, but you will by the end of this post!  I swear, I’ve tried…but I cannot get this song out of my head.  So, I thought, since it’s on the brain…I’ll blog it.  Why not right?  Surely I can find some sexy black and yellow stuff hangin’ out in my inventory.  So I started to dig, and dig…and I found like nothing! So I went shopping 😀

So if you’re looking for sexy on the grid, where do you go? Hmm…that’s a no brainer.  I tp’d off to and all over again!  Black and Yellow..annnnd sexy! Yesss!  I grabbed this yellow semi-sheer tank, matched it with the new belted high waist skirt AND garter stockings.  All from one place.  I love the wrinkles and shading on the tank, not to mention the neckline.  Did somebody say boobies?! Now, the skirt comes in a longer version and an “omg, my ass looks awesome” version. Of course, I gotta show off the booty, so I opted for the super short! Once again, CK has given guys a reason to log in SL everyday: ASS.  We girls thank you for bringin’ em back in! Next, off to Truth for some newness.  I got the new short Nahla in black, with of course, a little blonde streak.  My black heels are from Pixel Mode, they are crazy high and crazy sexy.  You can match these with anything (or nothing *wink*) and own any room you walk in.  I think I kept with the them pretty well :P.

And then…I needed a car!  Noooo I didn’t go buy one! That’s part of what I love about SL…if I don’t have something and need it, chances are I know somebody who does.  So, I call up William “OMG I NEED A YELLOW CAR!” And bam, there it was. Salamat sa lahat ng bagay, William.

Here’s The List:

Skin – :GP: Acorn [Light] Pout-Whine 1 ++ gala.phoenix

Shape – Self Made

Eyes – .:Hermony:./ R-Eyes / Frost ++ hermanni.laville

Hair – >TRUTH< Nahla 2 Streaked – crow ++ truth.hawks

Cleavage – *Linc* Breast Enhancer for Curio ++ ck.winx

Nails – Mstyle Oval Nails – BLACK ++ mikee.mokeev

Tattoo – :::insanya::: Tattoo – Courage ++ tatyana.ultsch

Shirt – *Linc* Tanktop Lemon Sheer 1 ++ck.winx

Skirt – ** Diigii High Skirt ++ ck.winx

Stockings – ** Garter Nylons Long Amber ++ ck.winx

Heels – [PM] Baby T Shoe Mold -Non Sock Version ++ tya.fallingbridge

Bangles – =DeLa*= Bangle “Dian a” Black ++ kuranosuke.kamachi

Aviators – ROLE OPTIC SG-71 Aviator ++ rohal.schnyder

Poses – Self Made

Location – My sim (yeah i know, but I’m in love with it)

And if you have a Need 4 Speed, contact Rippster Balut in world or stop by their spot for some really awesome cars like this one!

*sings Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow…* PS: The G-Mix is sick…just sayin.






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