Ugh. Monday.

Dear Monday,

It’s over between us.  Why do you have to be such a douche?



….Yeah that kinda sums it up.  It’s Monday. Why are weekends so short? Really, I think we should start a petition.  Lets make Monday – Friday the weekend and Saturday/Sunday the work week.  Who’s in?!

Even though Monday’s just kinda suck in general, at least today was Sunny.  Cold and snow on the ground, sure.  But there was sunshine! For the first time in awhile in my part of the world.  So that got me kinda wishing Spring would roll around. Don’t get me wrong, I love winter..but it really doesn’t need to last as long as it does! My outfit today reflects my wishful Spring thinking. Only a few more weeks, hopefully!  We all know, when the sun starts shining after hibernating for a few months behind those snow clouds, we pull the shorts out. I was so excited when I got the new stuff notice from Jane this morning. These new high waist suspender shorts and so adorable.  I personally love high waist everything, but the suspenders and the super cute button detail on the front make these a must have.  I teamed them with one of my favorite shirts from Atomic and the new side-garter stockings from League. I love these stockings! They come in a myriad of styles in both black and brown leather.  Caffeine obviously still required, so I grabbed a coffee and voila! And because I’m feeling oh so mellow: Mew.

Tho…it was obviously not enough coffee, cause all I wanted to do after work was pass out!

Here’s the List!

Skin – :GP: Petal [Dark] Sweetheart-Jealous 2 ++ gala.phoenix

Eyes – pc eyes by LL – ocean – carribbean reef  ++ lano.ling

Hair – Magika Hair // Paisley ++ sabina.gully  (NEW)

Tattoo – Ink’D Up! :Blessed: ++ brodie.landar

Shorts – JANE – francie bodice.raven [w/ suspenders] ++ janie. marlowe (NEW)

Shirt – [ATOMIC] Frilled – Mint ++ ivy.graves

Stockings – *League* Side-Gartered Stockings -Floral -Black Garter ++ nena.janus  (New)

Shoes – [PM] Baby T ++ tya.fallingbridge

Necklace – (Elate!) Silver Pocket Watch Necklace ++ kellie.iwish <-<3

Glasses – {mon tissu} Favorite Readers ~ Mon Tissu Soiree Gift ++ *group gift*

Coffee – {theosophy} Peppermint Mocha (Rez) ++ trace.osterham

<333 Bells


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