Not much to say, I think Reese and I speak for ourselves.

Big ups to the super cool dudes and wonder woman in the back.  Lean Back.

Here’s the List!

On Reese (left)

Skin – Curio

Shirt – Pdiddle (available at Pure Juice)

Pants – [NV]

Kicks – SoReal

Shades – [SLUG]

Earrings – Glow

Necklace & Bracelets – Shade Throne

On Bella (right)

Skin – Curio

Hair – Lamb

Tatt – HUZ

Shirt – Suicidal Unborn

Pants [NV]

Kicks – Pure

Belt – Pepper

Gun – BC32

Shades – Khalin’s

Gloves – Sinistyle

I’ll add the Slurls later, we’re just havin’ too much fun talkin’ shit atm.

<333 Bells & Reese


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