Head under water…

and you tell me…

Ohh a real post you say?  Fine, fine…I can do that.  😀 Well, once again..Monday…yay?  And daylight savings time?  EPIC.  *head desk* None the less, I was feeling a little girlie today, which always means it’s time to pull out some of Kellie Iwish’s creations.  Because really, it doesn’t get more flirty than (Elate!). Her most recent creation (sorta lol) is this lovely skirt and top combo named Chloe.  It comes in a rainbow of colors with different color options in the top.  I’m wearing it Cranberry, which along with Emerald are only available at the clothing fair right now.  She also has 2 colors at Pure Juice.  I highly recommend Chloe and not because I have an unhealthy love for all things Kellie..no no..because not only is the skirt just amazingly cute, I can also fit my fat ass in it without any editing. Trust me, if I can squeeze mine into it..It truly is one size fits all.  I paired Chloe with a short crimson jacket from Amerie and black tights with little hearts on them.  It really does not get much more girlie than this, folks.  Enjoy it, these days don’t come around often. 😛

Here’s the List!

Skin – LARA – Claire ++ lara.hurley (sl wouldn’t let me get the slurl -.-)
Shape – Self Made
Eyes – pc eyes by LL – ocean – carribbean reef  ++ lano.ling
Hair – Maitreya Saar – Bistre ++ onyx.leshelle
Jacket – AMERIE – Short Jacket ++ amerie.spitteler
Dress – (Elate!) – Chloe ++ kellie.iwish
Tights – JANE – lil piggies tights ++ jane.marlowe
Shoes – peqe – G Wedge ++ inex.hax
Glasses – (epoque) Circular Shades ++ vintage.mcmillan

<333 Bells


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