Newness :O

First of all, I couldn’t think of a song to listen to while I was writing this, so I asked around.  Big thanks to Mack, who is by the way a total freakin rock star from Mars, for suggesting this epic Savage Garden song. <.<

Secondly and more importantly, Kellie Iwish has been hard at work on her new dress “Brooke” and she’s almost ready to release it.  She passed it to me and I have to say once again, it’s awesome.  I love everything from (Elate!), but this dress is something I’d definitely wear in RL.  It’s so springy and versatile, easily dressed up or simply worn as is.  I decided not to dress it up too much in the picture because I wanted to show you guys all the colors it comes in.  There are a total of 9 different colors, 6 of which come with a double brown leather belt, the other 3 with a double black leather belt.  The texturing is, as always, flawless and style comes just in time for Spring.  Who else is happy for Winter to be ending? 😀

Also, if you haven’t had a chance to go to SLink yet, you SHOULD because the sale is ridiculous.  I picked up way too much stuff, as usual, but I love every bit of it. ❤

From Left to Right: Navy, Blush, Emerald, Cranberry, Gold and Sky with the Double Brown Leather Belt

From Left to Right: Onyx, Plum <3, and Silver with the Double Black Leather Belt

Here’s the List:

Dress – (Elate!) – Brooke (all colors) ++ kellie.iwish (COMING SOON!)

Top Photo (Left to Right)

Skin – Mynerva, Hair – [e], Shoes – SLink

Skin – Curio, Hair – Magika, Shoes – Mon Tissu

Skin – Curio, Hair – [LeLutka], Shoes – [e]

Skin – Curio, Hair – [e], Shoes – Surf Co.

Skin – Curio, Hair – Maitreya, Shoes – Shiny Things

Skin – Al Vulo, Hair – [e], Shoes – Pixel Mode

Bottom Photo (Left to Right)

Skin – Al Vulo, Hair – Magika, Shoes – Pixel Mode

Skin – Pink Fuel, Hair – Maitreya, Shoes – Pixel Mode

Skin – Curio, Hair – [e], Shoes – Addictia

<333 Bells

PS: Don’t be too hard on this post, I’m high.  That sounds bad…but I went to the dentist and sucked on nitrous for about 2 hours. So..Loooopy. 😀


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