It’s so funny how you can say one word like NERD and people will have completely different perspectives.  That’s what happened today when I told Marlly I was feeling nerd chic and asked if she wanted to blog it with me.  We put our outfits together away from each other and both ended up with super cute nerd girl looks, that are totally different.  She opted for the more always adorable nerdy school girl, fully equipped with books and a pencil.  While I went for more of the outcast music nerd kid, because that’s exactly what I was. 😛 Check us out!

Bells ↑

Marlly ↑

Here’s the List!

On Bells~

Skin – ~Mynerva~ Jane Shade 3 ++ rhapzody.wilde
Shape – Self Made
Eyes – Primitive Design_pd human 19 ++ geyer.schnyder
Hair – >TRUTH< Emily – mocha ++ truth.hawks
Tattoo – AITUI – Classroom Notes ++ jesseaitui.petion
Top – [Cynful] RaRa Top – Mint ++ cynthia.ultsch (NEW)
Bikini Top – [Cynful] Sweety Top – Bikini ++ cynthia.ultsch (NEW)
Shorts – -tb- Denim Cutoff shorts ++ julliette.westerburg
Leggings – Respect Rainbow Leggings ++ aaronin.oh
Shoes – UBU PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops ++ coke.dreadlow h
Bag – >>>Poison<<< +Bal+CandelA bag #4# ++ barbara.luik
Glasses – {mon tissu} Favorite Readers ++  elie.spot (GIFT)
Mixtape – Cat Crap Mixtape! ++ gilly.wycliffe
Bangles – *BOOM* Bangled Mess Pink ++ aranel.ah
Ring – ::LEO-NT:: Clover Ladybug Ring ++ lady.leonard (NEW)
Guitar – *KOPI* Guitar_Sunburst ++ surfash.bade

On Marlly~

Hair : [Anaphora] Ana – Carnelian ++ nishant.zobovic
Skin: :N:* (Novita) A urora
Eyes: Curio Tragic eyes
Make up: KHUSH – Eyeliner Wing 2
Lashes: Redgrave — Marketplace
Shape: My own
Glasses: Berries – Gift
Shirt/Jacket: [Happy] Hot geek (eggplant) — Marketplace
Skirt: [Paperdoll] StretchCottonMini Black (NEW)
Socks: ++Randomocity++ Black socks
Mouth Pencil: *LSB*– Marketplace
Books: ::BC:: no slulr available 😦

Thank you for nerdin’ it up with Marlly. <3chu.

AND…Since this post was supposed to happen yesterday…HAPPY ST. PATRICK’S DAY!! I give you all permission to celebrate again tonight! 😛

<333 Bells

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