Princess Bella of The Isle of Violette

Clearly my invitation to the Royal Wedding arrived late.  No matter tho, I sadly would have had to decline due to matters of state. But of course, that wouldn’t stop me from putting together an outfit for such an event, had I been able to attend. 😉

Because the color of royalty just happens to be my favorite color, I certainly would have worn this lovely plum frock from Elate! The deep, rich color matched with the ornate lace overlay simply screams posh, don’t you think darlings? We must keep the accessories simple, save for one, and we all know which one that is.  That is why I would have worn these simple pearl drop earrings and a somewhat chunky bracelet, but nothing to garrish, to be sure. And finally we come to the most important piece of the ensemble: the hat.  It must be eye catching, intriguing and big, but not so large that you slap the Royals sitting by you. This hat clearly meets those requirements.  Pinned a bit off to the side, this beautiful mesh of flowers, twigs and yes, bees fits not only the event, but also the time of year.  Oh what a glorious day it would have been.  Ahh well, perhaps young Prince Harry won’t be so late mailing out his invitations.

The List:

Skin: al vulo– renzie*  summer ++ hlin.bluebird
Shape: self made
Hair: [e] Early – Brown 11 ++ elikapeka.tiramisu
Eyes: Primitive Design_pd human 12 ++ geyer.schnyder
Dress: (Elate!) Mei Plum Dress ++ kellie.iwish
Hat: ::SPLIT PEA:: and with bees in her breath ++ melatonin.hax
Earrings: p.c Vintage Black Earrings ++ polyester.partridge
Bracelet: [MANDALA] Lotus chain Bracelet ++ kikunosuke.eel
Shoes: [PM] Baby T Black ++ tya.fallingbridge

<333 Bells


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