SwayLand Winter Photo Contest

SwayLand Winter Photo Contest

SwayLand Winter Photo Contest 2012
Who shoots the most beautiful photo on SwayLand?

Jury Award

3000L$ cash
Store cards from the SwayLand stores worth over 5000L$
Personal photo shooting by Cicciuzzo Gausman

People Choice Award

1000L$ cash
Store cards from the SwayLand stores worth over 2500L$

The Winner will be announced on Flickr, Plurk, Sway’s blog and

on the SwayLand sim.
– The photo must be taken on the SwayLand Sim
– Picture has to be full permission
– Photo aspect ratio must be quadratic (1:1)
– Size must be at least 500×500
– Only one entry per person
– Photo must be sent in before FEBRUARY 3rd 2012
– Photos may be edited with photo editing software
– Photos must be PG!

Touch the contest sign at SwayLand to get the Notecard,

fill it and add your photo. Send it to Sway Dench (inworld)
Name your Photo: SwayLand WPC ‘YOUR NAME’
(no display name please – your inworld username)

We will have an open voting for the People Choice Award

at the SwayLand Park on February 5th 2012

Judges for the Jury Award are:
Sway Dench
CROSS Jupiter
noni Troncon
Cicciuzzo Gausman
Ephedra Loon
Shinichi Mathy

If you have a Flickr account, Please share your Photo in the SwayLand Flickr group.
(tag your Photo with ‘SwayLand’ and ‘Photo Contest’)

good luck 🙂



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