I am not a pretty girl…that is not what I do…

[►] Yay another challenge!  Earlier this week, I got an IM from another blog reader (ohayyy Aryanna ) who apparently has a rez day party this weekend! She was looking for a very 90s, skater betty kinda look for a rez day party, so here’s my take on that.  I hope this is kinda what you were looking for, Aryanna, I’m sorry it’s so late in the week! I’ve been crazy busy and haven’t been able to get the stuff together until now. I’m kiiiinda glad I waited tho because this skin from Tres Blah is super cute and part of the Season’s Gatcha event that juuuust started! So happy rezday orr happy partying to you Aryanna and thanks for challenging me!

For those of you who haven’t seen before now, I’ve opened up the blog to challenges, suggestions, and requests! If there’s some look you’d like to see or something you’d like to challenge me to put together, message me in world at BellaStarr Fhang or leave a comment here on the blog! I looooove these challenges, plus..I’ve met 3 really awesome new people so far so double yay! New frands!

The List:

Skin: -tb- Gatcha Skin: Flushed (Season’s Gatcha)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: [BURLEY]_Noel_Black03
Eyes: .ID. Real Eyes / Stumblebum 2
Eyelashes: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Tank: Pig – Dad Tank Dad J – Linen
Shorts: Doppelganger Inc. – Madras Shorts – Nantucket
Belt: ~Pepper~ Brass Knuckle Belt – WHITE
Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops
Face Piercing: [-iPoke-] Wind
Ear Piercings: .Pekka. Montis Ear Piercings
Ring: PIDIDDLE – Gawdy Ring – Morganite (Season’s Gatcha)
Bloody Knees:  :Little Pricks: Banged Up Knees (Both Knees)
Black Eye: DRD – bruise
Tattoo: S (and) P – Crazy Life Tattoo
Neck Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – The Ones Who Hate
Bag: Action Unisex Skater Bag – Chex
Cast: Izzie’s – Arm Cast Bloody and Dirty
Poses: Del May.ploom. (New)

<333 Bells


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