.evolve. New Releases, Wear Gray 2012, & Fist Pump 2 Hunt

Happy Hump Day Lovies! I have lots to show you today! First of all, this is my first official clothing release. I’m suuuuper excited about it and I hope you like them!  I am participating in the Wear Gray 2012 Market and the Fist Pump Hunt 2, both begin tomorrow!  You can read more about them at their respective blogs, linked above.

As far as the new releases, there’s a brand new couples pose, Adored, an off the shoulder sweatshirt, and a mini.  The varsity mini skirt is available in 7 colors and the kellie sweatshirt is available in 6 colors.

I also have an exclusive version of each which will be available only at the Wear Gray 2012 Market.  100% of proceeds from these two items will go to the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA).  There is also a hunt at the market that some stores are participating in.  You will be searching for a small grey brain, the cost of which is 10L and the proceeds from that will also be going to ABTA.  My hunt item is the poison pose pack shown below.  As someone who has a history with family members who have suffered from brain cancer, this event is very important to me.  I do hope that you will all go and check out the market!

Also starting tomorrow is the Fist Pump Hunt 2! With over 40 stores, there’s sure to be lots of items you’ll love!  My hunt items are an exclusive pink and grey version of the varsity mini I’ve just released!

Stop by the store and check out the new pose, skirts and sweatshirts!  And while you’re there, look around for a small heart for the Fist Pump 2 Hunt.  I’ll update this entry with a SLURL for the Wear Gray 2012 Market when it opens to the public!

<333 Bells

TP to .evolve.


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