Pour myself a cup of ambition…

[►]  If you’re looking to open up a new store and aren’t sure where to start, let me offer you a smidge of advice.  Your store build is super important. It will kind of help you frame the idea of what you want your shop to become.  If you’re in the market for a small start up completely mesh skybox build, then I highly recommend you check out this one from Hyperbole.  It includes the ambient occulision maps for further customization (these aren’t to be distributed, but used so that you can personalize your shop a little more).  The “Tiny Shop” is just 20 prims and is very spacious.  It includes it’s own lighting as well.  I’ve decorated it below as I would have if I could fit all the stuff in my store in it!  Additionally, the arm chair and ottoman shown are new releases from Senzafine – Curiosities & Accoutrements.  This set up would have been perfect for me about 4 months ago, especially because I love the combination of turquoise and purple.

Credits after the jump…

The List:

Build: Hyperbole – My first  – Tiny Shop (mesh) (New)
Computer Chair & Table: The Loft – Bailey Chair & Table
Laptop Stuff: The Loft – Laptop/Reports/Newspaper
Vase: The LOFT – Kerve Skinny Vase Teal
Armchair & Ottoman: .:SF:. “Down the Shore” Armchair & Ottoman (Aqua) (New)
Gacha Machines: checkMATE – Gacha Machine – Wood (Oblong/Stand)

ҳ○ҳ○, Bells


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