These places and these faces are getting old, So I’m going home…

[►]  We finally got around to decorating our new house.  Hopefully it’ll be like this a week from now..tho I’m not sure, I do love to decorate. ❤

Credits after the jump…

The List:


Skydome: Turnip’s Winter Skydome
Ground cover: Botanical – Groundcover Snowy
Winter Grass: Turnip’s Long Winter Grass(white)
Trees: *aG* CurlyTree Large Winter & Frozen
House: vespertine – metamorphosis
Snowman: Sway’s Snowy Guy melted



Bed: :CP: Tegan’s Pallet Bed (New)
Clock: { ililo } this is wall clock
Chair: MudHoney Juliet Chair
Rug: :CP: Mainstream Rug
Flashlight: *Y’s HOUSE* Vintage Flashlight [Red]
Bedside Table: :CP: Tegan’s Crate Night Table (New)
Speakers: Picnic horn speaker – flower & dot
Owl: ~silentsparrow~ Toast Owl-ee! Plush (Hoots!) ~silentsparrow~
Posters: *ionic* freelance/he-man/(porishead,deftones…)
Crane: (Elate!) Oragami Paper Crane (White) (Group Gift)
Floor Cushion – LISP – Warm Single Floor Cushion – Red
Computer: [K-W]
Letters & Quill: Thistle More Love Letters & Ink and Quill
Guitar & Amp: *KOPI* Guitar_Sunburst & Twin Amp
Juke Box: The Juke – Classic
Violin & Sheet Music: Baffle! Symphony
Wall Mount: Little House of Curios – Mounted Gazelle Horns
Tall Chair: {theosophy} Garvagh Stool (Tan)
Table: *ionic* Devendra table (New)
Teacup Candle: Sway’s Teacup Candle [Stacy] pink
Sheet Music: LISP – Music Sheets
Hot chocolate: Sway’s hot Chocolate with Marshmallows [Winter]
Polaroid String: :CP: Tegan’s Memories on a String (New)
Hanging Heart: *Y’s HOUSE* Ornament Heart 01
Bookshelf: { ililo } bookshelf
Coatrack: *Y’s HOUSE* Vintage Hall tree
Curtain: { ililo } flowey curtain.

Living Room:

Art: MudHoney Vintage Postcard Framed
Frames: *ionic* all i need (frames) (New)
TV: LISP – Portable TV on Trunk – sit on trunk for sits
Sofa: MudHoney Priya Sofa (Teal)
Arts: Thistle Vintage Map 3 & 1
Chandelier: Sway’s Teacup Chandelier [Tasha] silver/colored
Rug: Zigana  carpet .tea time
Stove: LISP – Woodburning Stove – Brown – large chimney
Clock: LISP – Restoration Clock
Chandelier: Kyoot Home – Notes Chandelier
Rocking Chair: {what next} Pineknot Cabin Rocking Chair
Desk: Baffle! [Escritoire.]
Sofa: *Y’s HOUSE* Sofa03-Left [Denim/White]
Art: nordari. pinbee. – music.


Loveseat: Thistle Couch Potato Loveseat (4 walls hunt)
Poster: *ionic* design vs music poster
Lamp: nordari. recycling.lamp – stripes.
Phone: [K-W] Wall  Phone * Rust and Wood *
Bench: :CP: Laurence Traveller Bench
Poster: [North West] Vintage Poster IV (leeuwarden)
Doormat: {what next} Owl Doormat
Car: [AOBA-CAR]STROLL -midnight edition-

ҳ○ҳ○, Bells


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