Make the floor bounce here we go, give me room…

[►]  The new rotation of Fluid begins tomorrow at noon SLT and I’m sooo excited!  The overall theme of this rotation is at the movies and that’s broken down into 3 categories: drama, action and comedy.  This pose set from BENT is one of the items you’ll find at this rotation.  It comes with the prop and 10 built in Matrix poses.  I am in love with this prop because I have a not so secret obsession with cyber punk stuff.  Cyber punk always makes me think of my favorite kind of music: dubstep.

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I know what it means and I’ll carry you home…

[►] I had so much fun with my first Home & Garden post on my main blog, that I’d create an entirely new H&G blog and do more posts like that one.  Bear with me while I get my format and layout how I’d like it to be!  On to the post!  I felt like I’d try to piece together some things that feel like a bachelor guys home.  Something relatively simple, without too much decoration, but still very classy and well put together. Since I am not a guy, this proved to be more difficult than I thought it would be.  I think in looking through it, you’ll see a few elements that make this look a bit more like “I’m a guy in a new relationship and my GF keeps leaving her toothbrush at my house..among other things..” Hope you enjoy! ❤

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I believe I can fly…woooo…-lol-

[►]  I know it’s super cheesy, but I can’t help it…basketball makes me think of “I believe I can fly…woooo”, so you’re welcome, now that song can be stuck in your head, too.  I just had to show off this awesome basketball pose prop set from at Fluid from Art Dummy.  The set comes with a working sink with poses, the medicine cabinet, basketball and towel pictured.  There’s a lot of athletic themed stuff at Fluid right now, so stop in and check that stuff out.  What goes better with basketball thank a tank & sweats?  I just had to show you these adorable sweats from :. Liquid Honey .: I think everybody knows my little obsession with flocks of birds by now, so these pants and the group gift tattoo from [UMEBOSHI] were calling my name.  The tank and skin pictured are available at One Voice and this super cute tied up hair from -Entente- can be found at Hair Fair. Phew. Done rambling, go shop! ❤

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It’s strange what desire will make foolish people do…

[►]  I won’t be around to blog for a couple days, so I wanted to get a Fluid post out before I hit the road.  So I abducted Harvest and let her boss me around a little bit.  There’s a whole lotta sexy in this post.  You can pick up The Hot Seat at Fluid now until July 14th. There’s a lot of other pretty hot stuff there too right now, so if you’re feelin’ saucy, stop by!

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New @ .evolve.

The second rotation of Fluid has begun and .evolve. is participating.  The overall theme is “That’s Risque” and the three sub-themes are “Burlesque, S&M, and Exhibitionism/Voyeurism”.  The couple pose below includes a sculpt blindfold and mesh curtain props, as well as the individual poses.  Stop by Fluid and check out the awesomeness that’s there!

TP to Fluid

The Summer by the Sea Gacha Festival began today as well.  It runs through July 7, 2012. Come try to win the rare mesh dresses! Each play is 35L and you’re guaranteed to at least get an adorable mesh tank top!

TP to Summer by the Sea Gacha Festival



Turns out not where, but who you’re with that really matters…

[►]  So I had one of the best surprises today when I logged in.  One of my oldest friends, Kellie, (who’s been gone for awhile) was back and it really made my day to talk to her again.  Her favorite color is yellow, and I felt so cheerful after talking to her..that I threw together a bunch of sunny bright stuff for this post.  This jumpsuit from Gawk! is super cute and comes in lots of different colors! I was fumbling around MP and came across this hair from DeLa and isn’t it adorable??  Luckily, Izzie’s released these super cute hair can’t have a sunny summer day without a flower in your hair!  The poses I’m using are from .ploom. and are exclusive to Fluid for another week.  The pictured umbrella is included.  Make sure you bounce over to Fluid and check out the poses and props waiting for ya!

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What can I do, honey I feel like the color blue…

[►]  I’m sure some of you are familiar with the point in time when Aerosmith was obsessed with Alicia Silverstone..right?  Thought so.  I always imagined I’d be the badass Catholic school girl like Alicia Silverstone in the Aerosmith – Crazy video. (I’m pretty sure most girls would be able to identify with that lol) Well, when I saw this school girl outfit from [monso], that video was one of the first things that popped into my head.  So I paired it with some Crucifix and Rosary jewelry and tattoos, stood out in front of the lil white church from [DECO] by my lil red car on Where it Begins and snapped some pics!

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The List:

Skin: Izzie’s – Estella Skin porcelain (New)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: [e] Listen – Blonde 02
Eyes:  .ID. / Mesh Eyes / Gleeful / Turquoise /
Eyelashes: [Lelutka]-SEDUCTRESS
School Uniform: [monso] My School Look – SS2 (New)
Nylons: *Linc* Garter Nylons Long Torn White
Shoes: [Lelutka]-Pow Pumps (Black)
Writst Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Your Scars /faded/
Neck Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – The Ones Who Hate
Leg Tattoo:
Earrings: MG – Giselle Opal Set –  BLACK
Nails: je suis…naive v.2 BASIC NAILS
Necklace 1: KOSH– SANCTUARY NECKLACE [inverted] (New)
Necklace 2: MG – Giselle Opal Set – Medium –  BLACK
Ring 1: MG – Giselle Opal Set – Large – BLACK
Ring 2: MG – Lost Eden – Cross – SILVER + JET
Poses: .Pekka Poses. – Eva (Fluid)

ҳ○ҳ○, Bells

New at .evolve.

I’ve got some new pretties from .evolve.!

The polka dotted, sashed .evolve.blair.sundress.  is available in 12 color options and 2 color packs.  It comes in 5 different sizes with 2 alpha layers.

TP to .evolve.


I’ve released .evolve.upside down. for Fluid today as well.  This is a 3 person amusement park themed pose.  It comes with cotton candy and ice cream cone props (a copy/mod version and a mod/trans version).

TP to Fluid

The Taste of Second Life 2nd year birthday hunt has begun and I’m excited to be a part of it!  Below is a picture of the .evolve. hunt gift! Come by .evolve. and do a little bit of hunting!

The more things change, the more they stay the same…

[►] Feel that heat outside?  Yeah, that’s because it’s Summer Time.  We all know what that means..bikinis, cut-offs, beer and hanging out with friends going to carnivals and the beach.  Well, that’s what it means to me anyways.  So, I wanted to recreate that feel with Fluid, which opened today.  I stalked my friends list and plurk and grabbed some peeps for this pic.  The pose below is Summer Fun from Cracked Mirror and is available at Fluid.  Make sure you stop by and check out the awesome Amusement Park, Picnic and Beach themed stuff sometime before June 30th!

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The Ego Co.

The Ego Co. is a Event Management Group that will be coordinating various events within the Second Life community.  In recent years, various events all over the grid have proven to be beneficial to designers and organizations, both in-world and real world.  We will be bringing fresh, new events to the grid very soon!

Thank you for your interest and please continue to check this blog for more information! There are several projects in development at this time.  For more information regarding these events, be sure to browse through the pages at the top of this blog.  Additionally, we will be updating this section with news and more information as it is available.  For more information regarding the We welcome any suggestions or comments you have!

You can find much more information about The Ego Co. and our upcoming events at The Ego Co. blog.

The Ego Co. Team