Don’t stand, don’t stand so…Don’t stand so close to me…

[►]  If you can’t see in the photos below, I have a stalker.  Keira Seerose has been following me around everywhere I go.  She even moved in next door to me.  She’s totally single white femaleing me. I mean, I know I’m amazing but…come on stalker status, calm yourself. FRIENDSHIP ❤

Disclaimer: Keira is actually my friend..just in case anybody decided to hate me because of this post. (Sad I even had to say that tbh)



My Shopping List:

Skin: -Glam Affair – Zara – Artic 06 // Skin Fair
Shape: Self Made
Hair: .ploom. Sha (no mask) – Ploomage
Eyes: IKON Ardent Eyes – Blossom // The Boutique
Eyelashes: [LeLutka]-SEDUCTRESS
Dress: {SMS} Silky Cherry Blossom Halter Dress Ash // The Boutique
Shoes: [Gos] Lolita Espadrilles – Cherry Blossom // The Boutique
Hair Sticks: AITUI – Sakura Hair Stick – Mystery /bundle // The Boutique

ҳ○ҳ○, Bells

You’ve been down too long in the midnight sea…

[►] So I bet Z that I could finish a blog post before he finished his RP shenanigans. Guess who won? (I always do) ❤

02132013-3 02132013-4

The List:

Skin: DeeTaleZ – Skin Dolly V2 Glossy Winter
Shape: Self Made
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Fay Mesh Hair – Night shadow (FaMESHed)
Eyes: IKON Horizon Eyes – Pale Blue
Eyeliner: [ .:SOPHERIAN:. ] little one Eyeliner Option 2
Eyelashes: [LeLutka]-SEDUCTRESS
Lips: DeeTaleZ – ADDON FOR DOLLY V2 – Glossy Lips DollyV2 No. 7 (Winter)
Nails: je suis…naive v.2 BASIC NAILS
Jacket: :V.e. Cadet Jacket S Kremlin
Tank: :V.e. Shorty Tank S Kremlin
Pants: Maitreya Leather Skinny Pants * Black
Shoes: [Gos] Grace Sandal – Black Patent
Necklace: MG – Beatrice
poses: label motion

ҳ○ҳ○, Bells

Angels bleed at the tainted touch of my caress…

[►]  I had a little bit of time and I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to do this post tomorrow, so I’m doing it a bit early. (It’s tomorrow somewhere!)  I put this awesome outfit together and it reminded me of one of my favorite bands from high school: Nine Inch Nails.  I believe I totally just dated myself there.  Anyways, this was me, circa 1995. 😀 Make sure you check some of these out, they’re adorable. ❤

12082012-1 12182012-2


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I’ll give you candy, give you diamonds, give you pills..give you anything you want – hundred-dollar bills!

[►]  So I wanted to switch gears a little bit.  I know that punk isn’t necessarily one of the genres you think you might find at the Vintage Fair, but this post shows that’s not true.  Several of the items in this post can be found at Vintage Fair, which begins tomorrow.  So if this is your scene, there’s something there for you guys too! ❤

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The guilt you hide will come between us after all…

[►]  I went back to C88 and found this dress and immediately..instantly fell in love with it.  I must be weird though, because my first thought wasn’t to find cute heels and get all girliefied…my first thoughts were 1-combat boots and 2-pissed off, jilted bride.  So I dug through my inventory and found a way to make that happen..sorta..I think I kinda look like a jilted bride crossed with Madonna..with a little bit of punk and rock-a-billy thrown in there.  So here it is.  ❤


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Pink…it´s like red but not quite…

[►]  I couldn’t figure out how to blog these amazing pink boots from [GoS] from The Mesh Around Hunt…until I went to Chic2 and found this pink swim suit from DeeTalez.  I remembered I’d gotten the new pink eyes from .ID. for Stumblebum, threw them all together..and bam..lots and lots of pink.

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The moment I jumped off of it was the moment I touched down…

[►]  As most of you know, I have been extraordinarily busy the past few weeks.  I started The Ego Co. and decided my first jump into events would be an all mesh hunt called Mesh Around.  Well, the hunt began this past Friday and yes, there are some great gifts in it. I’m also sporting some of the awesomeness that will be available soon at the Chic2 Birthday event.  I’d be remiss not to suggest you check out both events.  But, this post is more than that. A lot more.

I don’t often write very much with my blog posts, but I have a lot to say.  I think I’ll start with “Thank You.” Thank you all so much for your support, interest and participation in making The Ego Co. and this hunt so successful.  I am completely overwhelmed with the encouragement and appreciation I have received since this all started.  Thank you to The Ego Co. staff and bloggers.  You guys have all worked so hard and continue to.  I am so grateful for all the time and effort you have put into this. Thank you to the designers for creating such wonderful items and giving them away.  The donation of your time and effort has not gone unnoticed and I can’t thank you guys enough.  Thank you to the hunters.  You’ve all come out in droves and being so kind and helpful to each other.  I have really never seen so many people willing to help each other as in The Ego Co. group chat.  Without you all, this hunt doesn’t happen.

And now, time for a little personal mush.  The two ladies in this post with me, Clementine Ishtari and Tyr  Rozenblum are magical.  They have both helped me in so many ways and not just with the hunt.  Tyr is always there, encouraging me to do more and be my best.  And Clem is always there to listen and pick me up when I fall.  I don’t know what I would do without these two.  They anchor me. They keep me grounded but push me to fly at the same time.  I feel lucky that I can count these two as friends.

So Clem & Tyr – Thank you for being a friend.

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If your lips feel lonely and thirsty…Kiss the rain…

[►]  I love the rain, I always have.  There’s just something…cathartic about it.  I’ve been meaning to blog this umbrella I picked up at C88 from Lisp for awhile, and it was kinda rainy here in my part of the real world, so I made it rain in SL and voila!  I hope you guys are geared up for a great weekend! ♥

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Careful what you do, before the lie becomes the truth…

[►]  I’ve got soooo soo much newness in this post to show you guys! Head to toe, here we go! That rhymed. :3 ANYWAYS…super cute new hair from ploom.  It’s mesh, has this adorable long pony in the back and comes in all usual colors, but also in these streaked options, of course I have to show you the one with purples <3. Nexxxt, new mesh graphic tanks from paper.doll.  If you can’t read it, this one says “If you like fun, you’ll love me”..which..I am pretty sure Zoey made specifically for me. 😛 These boots from *Crazy*…are…crazy…in a good way! I love love them so hard. They’re mesh, the texturing is great, and if you like boots, these are a must see! bag.  Okay so, I am in love with this bag…yes, its awesome in it’s own right,’s a custom..which makes me all squee fangirl inside.  If you’ve not yet heard, The Secret Store released some really cute bags last week and for a couple weeks, Maylee is taking orders for customs (as long as she can anyway!) So if you haven’t had a chance to go look into that, I highly recommend you do! I have a super soft spot for anything customized for me.  Anyone who knows me well, knows how much of a music buff I am and my penchant for vinyl.  The image on this bag has been my desktop wallpaper for ages and I kinda feel like with it being on this bag, I’m carrying around a lil part of the real me in SL.  ♥

PS: I love the cover I linked you guys to up there, Chris Cornell’s voice = :Q_______FOREVER________. ♥

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The mirror is a trigger and your mouth’s a gun…

[►]  Boots.  I love boots.  I admit, they are my guilty pleasure. And man, do I have a pair of boots to show you today! The new Desire Ankle Boots from [Gos] are unbelievably amazing.  They will be available Saturday, March 10th, so I highly suggest you prepare yourself for some boot shopping this weekend.  The stub toe of these makes them even more sexy.  They are available in four colors, are fully mesh, and have metallic texture change options.  I know you’re gonna love them.

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