New @ .evolve.

The second rotation of Fluid has begun and .evolve. is participating.  The overall theme is “That’s Risque” and the three sub-themes are “Burlesque, S&M, and Exhibitionism/Voyeurism”.  The couple pose below includes a sculpt blindfold and mesh curtain props, as well as the individual poses.  Stop by Fluid and check out the awesomeness that’s there!

TP to Fluid

The Summer by the Sea Gacha Festival began today as well.  It runs through July 7, 2012. Come try to win the rare mesh dresses! Each play is 35L and you’re guaranteed to at least get an adorable mesh tank top!

TP to Summer by the Sea Gacha Festival



New at .evolve.

I’ve got some new pretties from .evolve.!

The polka dotted, sashed .evolve.blair.sundress.  is available in 12 color options and 2 color packs.  It comes in 5 different sizes with 2 alpha layers.

TP to .evolve.


I’ve released .evolve.upside down. for Fluid today as well.  This is a 3 person amusement park themed pose.  It comes with cotton candy and ice cream cone props (a copy/mod version and a mod/trans version).

TP to Fluid

The Taste of Second Life 2nd year birthday hunt has begun and I’m excited to be a part of it!  Below is a picture of the .evolve. hunt gift! Come by .evolve. and do a little bit of hunting!

Mesh Around Has Officially Begun!

The Mesh Around Hunt has just officially started!  You can find all the information you need, including a list of designers, a hint list and a collection of most of the hunt gift ads at The Ego Co. Blog HERE.   The in-world The Ego Co. group will be used for questions and information about Mesh Around as well as other Ego Co. events.  Please be sure to join as well as click the subscribe button of The Ego Co. kiosk!

You are hunting for the blue “M” pictured here:

Happy Hunting!!

<333 Bells

I know the sun must set to rise.

[►] Some of you may be aware that I have been very busy lately, but for those of you who haven’t, let me let you in on a little secret.  I founded The Ego Co., an event management and organization group and our very first event, Mesh Around,  will be starting June 1st, 2012 and ending June 15, 2012.  This is a grid wide hunt with 65 really incredible designers participating.  As the you may have guessed by the name, this hunt is an all mesh hunt, meaning each hunt gift will be mesh.  This hunt is inclusive of clothing designers, hair designers, pose makers, and home and garden creators.  The purpose of Mesh Around is to introduce those who are curious about mesh to designers who use mesh as a design element.  I am very excited about Mesh Around and hope to see you all hunting June 1st.   You can find more information about Mesh Around, including a list of participating designers and hints (once I’ve gotten them all) at the Mesh Around page.

I have a sneak peek of a couple of the hunt prizes in this post.  This extra long beaded necklace from [Aura] is an exclusive color combination (orange, turquoise and lime) for Mesh Around.  It’s comes in 2 sizes, one for boobs..and one for BOOBS. 😛   The Mermaid Fountain pictured below is also one of the hunt prizes from Black Rose.  It is all in all 60 prims, which includes the fountain itself with a mermaid sitting atop, the base and 8 stone benches.  Both of these items are 100% mesh, so you will need a mesh capable viewer to see them.

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Applications for Mesh Around – Still Open!

Over at The Ego Co., our team has been super busy organzing Mesh AroundMesh Around is a grid wide hunt running June 1, 2012 – June 15, 2012 where all hunt gifts will be mesh items! We are very excited to be bringing this hunt to the grid and well as some other events I’ll talk more about later on.  Applications for Mesh Around officially closed this past weekend, but I’ve had several people IM me and ask me to keep them open another week. SO I’ve decided to re-open them through the end of this week!

Mesh Around applications are re-opening today and will remain open through Midnight, May 13, 2012!! 

If you are interested in applying, you can find the application by clicking the above link or by clicking HERE This link contains information about the hunt as well as a running list of designers who are participating.  A few of those designers are shown on the Mesh Around logo below, as well.  If you have any questions, please contact BellaStarr Fhang in-world via IM or NC.  ❤

Fools in a spiral, Round this town of steel…

[►]  Hey again! I told ya I’d be around with more looks!  I love love love this Ombre Dress from IMBUE.  It’s available at Culture Shock along with a ton of other awesomeness!  These new oversized glasses from Izzie’s are perfect! They’re just in time for summer, so make sure you grab a pair to keep that summer sun out of your eyes.  They come with both black and brown frames.  I’ve always been a fan of cameos..probably because I was raised in the south and my gramma used to always say they were very lady like. I may not be very lady-like, but maybe I can fool some people with this adorable cameo bracelet from Cherry.  Hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday! ♥

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Culture Shock is open at 4pm SLT!

That’s right everybody! Culture Shock is almost open!  I know you’re as excited as I am! There are some really amazing items this year! I haven’t had a chance to actually show you guys anything yet, because I’ve been so busy getting my own items ready!  I am so thrilled to be participating in this event.  The charity chosen for Culture Shock 2012 is Médecins Sans Frontières.  The items from .evolve. are shown below and I will be blogging some the next couple of days to show you some of the other amazing stuff I’ve seen! Hope to see you all there!!

TP TO CULTURE SHOCK!The pose is available now at Culture Shock.  50% of the proceeds from this item will go to benefit Médecins Sans Frontières.

The .evolve.dizzy. pose is available now at Culture Shock.  50% of the proceeds from this item will go to benefit Médecins Sans Frontières.

The pose is available now at Culture Shock.  The mesh ukulele pose prop pictured is included!

The couples pose is available now at Culture Shock.  The mesh ukulele pose prop pictured is included!

The .evolve.pixxie. bandeau top is available now in six colors at Culture Shock!

The .evolve.ukulele. mesh pose prop is available now at Culture Shock!

But you dream of wars of leaving…And I get used to the cold…

[►]  Hey lovies! Hope you’re all doing well!  I just had a couple really cute things to show you guys today.  First of all, new mesh hair from /Wasabi Pills/.  This is a side swept pony, complete with little hair bows to hold down those fly aways.  This style is really adorable and perfect for summer, which is quickly approaching!  Next, these adorable shorts from The Sea Hole.  They come in several variations and each pair comes with both a black and blue denim color, so yay for options! I’m in a bit of a rush, so not a whole lot to say at the moment! Play pretty lovies! ♥

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