Some kind of madness is swallowing me whole…

[►]  So, there’s this lil event guys may have heard of it..not sure though..its called SWAGFEST. lol Swagfest has been everywhereeeeee lately and while *I* am not a SwagFest blogger, the el boyfriend-o is a designer participating in the event and we decided to show some of the stuff for guys that will be there.  We’re also wearing some badass skins from {:essences:}.  You can pick mine up from Zodiac and his from Men’s Department.

On a sidenote, I fiddled around with Depth of Field and finally got it to work (I think).  So, I’ll probably be using it from time to time for pics, too! ❤

Credits after the jump…

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How can I rely on my own heart if I break it?

[►]  Hey there guys..I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! This is just a quick LOTD I threw together earlier.  I’m wearing the new Lara Hurley – Mia skin in the Milky tone and it’s just gorgeous.  I absolutely love this skin! It’s available in a ton of tones and a ton of makeups with different make up and breast options.  I’ll post more pics of it later! If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you go demo her..who could say no to a face like this??  A big part of this look is the accessories! There are so many amazing pieces available at je suis (which is also participating in the Truth District 50% off sale..soo goooo!) These bangles and bag are new from Izzie’s for Perfect Wardrobe and TOSL, respectively!  If you didn’t get much shopping in this weekend, you still have a little time, so go go goo! ♥

The List:

Skin: Lara Hurley–Mia doll/Milky ♥ (New)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: [BURLEY]_Bella_Brown06 (New)
Eyes: NoirOptix – Lime Green Eyes ♥ (New)
Eyelashes: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Eyeliner: L.Fauna – Megawing Liner
Face Paint: [mock]   Lae’s Painted Feather [lip 1] (Old Hunt Item)
Sweater: (Milk Motion) My little cashmere (Old FLF)
Skirt: tulip. Barbarian (Creek)
Socks 1: The Secret Store – Lace knit socks – Bamboo
Socks 2: Lark – Cozy Socks  (Argyle Gryff) (New)
Belt 1: !Admiral Spicy! Small Belt ♥ (Sunny)
Belt 2: !Admiral Spicy! Small Belt ♥ (Teal)
Shoes: ::Kookie:: Enya/ Ash
Ear Piercings: .Pekka. Montis Ear Piercings
Necklace: je suis…nocturne necklace
Ring (R): :FANATIK: My knuckle duster ring ♥ (New)
Bangles: Izzie’s – Rainbow Color Bangles (Perfect Wardrobe) (New)
Bag: Izzie’s – Satchel Bag off-white (TOSL) (New)
Poses: .ploom.

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Where’d you go? I miss you so…

[►]  So much cuteness in this post!  If you haven’t made it over to Perfect Wardrobe yet, make sure that you do! There’s some really cute stuff this round, including the Winterfell skin and Faun set from Aura.  Paleness perfection. Ilyf Tyr. ❤ I’ve been seeing this super cute hats around a lot lately, and today felt like the day to show off mine.  I’m quite the lil monkey, apparently! Also, brand new from elly is this adorable argyle vest.  It comes in 8 color variations and is perfect for layeringggg! Cuteness overload! ❤

The List:

Skin: [Aura] – Winterfell Faun (2011) – Snow (Perfect Wardrobe)
Shape: -BC- Shape Mira (NEW)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Aria Mesh Hair – Seafoam
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Cool Silver
Eye Lashes: .ploom. Lashes 6
Eye Shadow: Ferrishyn – Delicious Greys (NEW)
Freckles: L.Fauna EXTRA FRECKLES [Pale]
Nails: ::je suis…naive v.2 BASIC NAILS (Metallic Pink)
Vest: elly::argyle.vest[pink] (NEW)
Shirt:  NANUK burg cardigan pink striped
Dress: *T.Whore*-  Cardigan Dress Pink
Armwarmers: !Admiral Spicy! Wooly Armwarmer (Pink) (NEW)
Chapka:  *Epic* Kawaii Knit Monkey Chapka [Hat] {Grey}
Necklace:  ::LEO-NT:: My Coffee Mug necklace ❤ [strawberry]
Mouth Mittens:  ::LEO-NT:: Snow Mitten Mouthpiece ❤ [grey]
Tattoo: Ink’D Up! :Blessed:
Faun-ness: [Aura] – Winterfell Faun (2011) – Snow (Perfect Wardrobe)
Pose: .ploom.

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I am nothing without pretend…

[►]   I’ve got so much goodness in this post to show you guys!  And the majority of it can be found exclusively at the ZombiePopcornSL Dark Magic Winter Event.  If you’ve not had a chance to check it out, you realllly should!  The event runs until December 15th, so make sure you get there before then!

Let’s start with the background hmm?  This treehouse is adorable (tiny, yes) but..should you need a larger tree house you can always mod it!  It comes with the trees it sits on and as you can see below, there’s plenty of room to set up some really cute furniture inside.  It’s available, along with the lantern you see at the Dark Magic Event!  Everything pictured inside the treehouse (except the rug) can also be found at Dark Magic Winter. The bookshelves, couch, ottoman and stacks of books (plus one really precious wizard hat <3) are all from Mudhoney.  If you know me, you know how I am about anything magical, sooo..yeah..pretty sure that wizards hat will find a perma place in my home. ❤

And of course, there’s the clothes and stuff I’m wearing that I picked up at Dark Magic Winter.  First of all, I would like to just say right now that I have a somewhat unhealthy love for Ploom skins, so..when I saw this one..I just had to have it.  Doesn’t matter that I just picked one up a couple days ago for the Black Friday Skin Addiction sale.  You can never have enough skins. JSYK.  And of course, this one is lovely..the make up and tone..yeah.  Thanks for always making my avi pretty, Hely. I know most of ya’ll have already seen this jacket on the feeds, but I was waiting for the right time to post it..and I think this is it.  IN.LOVE.WITH. I want to upload this into my rl closet right now. League’s new winter coat comes in brown and black and is really just stunning.  The texturing is flawless as always and I swear to the sweet baby jesus I would rock this rl, every day…maybe even in summer time because it’s that awesome. Both are the skin and coat are waiting for you at the Dark Magic Event, so go go go.

Last but not least, this pose from Diesel Works.  I adore this pose.  I had pretty much this whole post planned out when I saw it. It’s also available, along with another that I will surely blog later, at the Dark Magic Event.

I know I wrote a whoooooole lot and it you were able to get through all of it, msg me in world and I will give you a hug…and a lm to the Dark Magic Winter Event, because clearly…ya gotta go! <333

The List:

On Bells

Skin: .ploom. Lea_Vanilla – LB – Frosted Cranberry (ZombiePopcornSL Dark Magic Winter Event Exclusive)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: [Shag] – Goodbye (roots) – bombshell (Vintage Fair)
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Mint (S)
Eyeliner:  Action Cosmetics Liners – Thick Cat Eye
Eye Lashes: Miamai_NoAlpha Lashes N11
Cheeks: Izzie’s – Redness Tattoo (Perfect Wardrobe)
Nose: Cobrahive – Sniffles
Nails: ::je suis…naive v.2 BASIC NAILS
Coat: *League* Winter Coat Collar w. PomPoms -Black Coat (ZombiePopcornSL Dark Magic Winter Event Exclusive)
Jeans: -tb- Juju Jeans – Worn Out 1
Gloves: Izzie’s – Leather Gloves taupe
Boots: [Gos] Aviator Boot (NEW)
Scarf: ::LEO-NT:: Scarf Mitten Set ❤ (w/o Mitten) [brown] (NEW)
Pose: DieselWorks – Winterlove 1 (ZombiePopcornSL Dark Magic Winter Event Exclusive)


Tree House: {vespertine wandering snowflake treehouse} – (ZombiePopcornSL Dark Magic Winter Event Exclusive)


Bookshelf, Couch, Ottoman, & Wizard Hat/Spell Books: Mudhoney – Harper (ZombiePopcornSL Dark Magic Winter Event Exclusive)
Lantern: {vespertine_north pole.lantern red/snowflake ver.} (ZombiePopcornSL Dark Magic Winter Event Exclusive)
Rug: :: rucott :: Rug

<333 Bells

Hey…Must be a devil between us…

[►] I gotta show off my new MESH Corset from [Aura]! I love itttt.  I know that MESH is still kinda iffy for some folks, but Im developing a serious fondness for it.  This corset is beautifully done and comes in 3 different sizes.  I highly recommend you check it out! You can pick it up at the main store or at Perfect Wardrobe!  Scoot scoot scoot! ❤

The List:

Skin: [Ill] Illusory Skin – Paige_Milk – Soft Touch (Collabor88)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: Magika [Hair] TwentyFour
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Cool Silver (S)
Eyeliner: L.Fauna – Megawing Liner
Lashes: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Nails: ::je suis…naive v.2
Corset: [Aura] Bound – MESH Corset (NEW @ Perfect Wardrobe)
Jeans: -BC- Low Waist Jeans “Black” (NEW)
Shoes: [PM] Baby T – Silver
Tattoo: [GLUE INK] *~ Suicide Rocker Tattoo~* Faded 2
Poses: .ploom.

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Remembering you fallen into my arms, Crying for the death of your heart

[►]  Who doesn’t love The Cure? I know I do..and I’ve been having one of those days where that’s really all I’m listening to.  So I decided to do a quick look of the day.  I think it totally looks like I’m hanging out at a Smiths show circa 1987. Love it. ❤


The List:

Skin: (AMD) Giselle – Gothly – Runway 4
Shape: Self Made
Hair: fri. – Nicole – Cynical Black
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Cool Silver
Eyelashes: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Eyeliner: Action Cosmetics Liners – Dramatic Wing
Lips: [PF] Elly <C/M/H> – Glam Lipstick/Teeth – (Noir)
Shirt: <nestle my bosom> inverted cross sheer tank
Bra: *Linc* Temptress – Black
Pants: {K}Rea Sequined Leggings B/W ( Perfect Wardrobe)
Gloves: [GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (Leopard)
Shoes: [Gos] [DOCS-V2] 8 HOLE
Necklace 1: – .HoD. – Nothing’s Necklace – Female
Necklace 2: -tb- Cross Necklace (Black)
Necklace 3: [twee.] – Black Twine Necklace [loose.]
Belt: ~Pepper~  Double Belt
Cigarette: –SHEL`TTER – Cigarette
Bracelets: .:* LOULOU&CO *:.– Bracelet :: NEVERMORE ::
Poses: .ploom.

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You’re waiting for someone to perform with

[►]  Honestly, sometimes I just can’t decide on an outfit.  I had that problem today! So here’s 3 different looks!

Look 1:

Skin: –Glam Affair– Gio Natural
Shape: -BC- Shape Annika (moded)
Hair: [e] Lasting – Black 04
Eyes: pc – moon – aqua (s) bright
Eyeliner: Action Cosmetics Liners – Dramatic Wing
Eye Shadow: [KK] – Crystal Dust – Bordeux
Eye Lashes: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Nails: ::je suis…naive v.2
Top: !_Ce Cubic effect Shirt_H7_A_A
Skirt: d. Select – skirt torn open ass black leather (NEW)
Stockings: *Sheer* Tights 18: Waves Black
Shoes: peqe – G Wedge
Tattoo: La Malvada Mujer – Cubico 1
Headpiece: R.icielli – IRIS SKULL HEADPIECE /GOLD blackgems
Ring: [bellballs] Cheetah Metal Ring- Silver (left)
Necklace: [y] Infinity Necklace
Pose: Olive Juice – Coquette 2 (cuvry)

Look 2:

Skin: (AMD) Giselle – Pale – Runway 3 (NEW)
Shape: -BC- Shape Annika (moded)
Hair: Magika [Hair] Distracted
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Lagoon (S)
Eye Shadow: KOSH – LOST SOULS EYESHADOW -antique- (NEW)
Eye Lashes 1: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Eye Lashes 2: al vulo! [ LONG EYELASHES]
Nails: ::je suis…naive v.2
Dress: : STICKY FINGERS : My gray leopard off shoulder dress (NEW @ Perfect Wardrobe)
Stockings: d. Select – nylon dots 1 (NEW)
Boots: [e] Secret Boots – Winter
Tattoo: [Reckless] Death is certain Life is not (Hunt Gift)
Ring: [bellballs] Cheetah Metal Ring- Silver (left)
Necklace: ~Pepper~ Dia de los Muertos Hunt Item
Pose: !bang

Look 3:

Skin: al vulo!– sally * black claveage porcelain (NEW)
Shape: -BC- Shape Annika (moded)
Hair: .ploom. Asch (streaked) – Ploomage (NEW)
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Lagoon (S)
Lashes: DeeTaleZ eyelashes
Nails: ::je suis::…naive v.2 BASIC NAILS
Dress: –paper.doll– GSP: DarkAngel
Stockings: d. Select – nylon dots
Boots: p.c; Elevation Bootie Base
Tattoo: [Reckless] Death is certain Life is not
Necklace & Bracelets: Aluinn – Arion Necklace
Bag: [ORTA] – Stella clutch in Ruby
Pose: .ploom. Tender – 4

<333 Bells