You may be a sinner…But your innocence is mine…

[►]  So it’s been a few days since I blogged, I knoooow!  I’ve been sooo busy! BUT…I abducted Jayy from You Stay Classy again annnnd we tag teamed a post for ya’ll.  I love his blog and I don’t even wear or shop for dude stuff much…SO..hint..all you ladies lookin to make over your dudes.  That link up there, is a good one to check out! 😉  We decided we’d take a trip down memory lane relive High School for a little while tonight, and since I picked up this awesome mesh varsity jacket earlier in the week, I figured it’d be a good time to show it off!  If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend you go check it out.  It comes in lots of colors with and without a t-shirt option.  The new cropped team shirt from elly was a perfect match for the jacket, so I snagged it too.  And of course, I had to go with this Mother Goose’s skin for the young look.  I adore Mother Goose’s skins.  This one I picked up there from one of her many lucky boards when I was demoing skins one day.  I also wanted to let you guys know about a sale going on.  One of the shops I blog for, :Hebenon Vial: is sadly closing its door soon.  All prices on everything there are marked down to 30L each and all proceeds will go to an undetermined charity.  If you like piercings, this is your opportunity to pick up some really great ones! I guess it’s time for JayMoney and I to do our homework…ugh…High School.  Never really ends does it?  Especially in SL. lol

Credits after the cut…

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Hey honey you could be my drug, you could be my new prescription…

[►]  Hey guys! I’ve got lots of super cute new stuff to show you today!  After a loooong battle with hair, I’ve decided I think I’m going ginger..maybe..for least. D: I don’t know! I can’t decide.  ANYWAYS~This super cute dress from paper.doll is defo worth checking out, its really adorable and comes in a variety of colors.  If you’re a fan of the cute and flirty, then you’ll love it.  When I received this new skin from tSg, I was like \o/\o/\o/ because it has red eyebrows you can add on! Not to mention, its completely adorable.  I’m wearing the palest tone ( as usual ) here, but there are a few others and they’re just as cute.  The new earrings from LEO:NT are so cute.  Accessories are my newest addiction..sorta.  I can’t seem to have enough earrings, rings, necklaces and bags..bags..I know, I know.  The bag I’m holding in this picture is from Le Forme.  It comes in several color options and is def worth taking a trip via tp to see if it’s your thing!

This picture was taken at my sim, in the newly erected (yeah, Beavis, I said erected) hang out there called . { The Wallflower Cafe } .   The sim is open, but it’s not *officially* open until this weekend.  I do hope you guys will come visit sometime! There’s some really awesome shops, great places to take photos and…I really just love hangin with ya’ll! Back to work for me!

The List:

Skin: ”tSg” Kate.BeachBunny.Zissis.noBust/Teeth (New)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: [e] Abbey – Red 05
Eyes: IKON ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Cool Silver
Eyelashes: [Lelutka]-SEDUCTRESS volume sculpted  lashes
Eyeliner:  Vaya Con Dios – Dark Eyes Unisex
Nails: je suis…naive v.2 (Pink Metallic)
Dress: –paper.doll– Faye: Navy-Bottom  (New)
Belt: Izzie’s – Belt pink
Tights: *SHOP SEU* taitsu tights BLUE
Socks: *League* Gartered Socks -Overknee- Navy
Shoes: MIEL ANT FLATS – Fedora
Tattoo: [HUZ]-Lets Fly-Black-
Necklace: (Caroline’s) Pearls & Cameo Necklace in Black-Silver
Bag: .::Le Forme Paris Clutch Plate Old Red (New)
Earrings: ::LEO-NT:: Pearl Loops  [silver/white]  (New)
Ring:  [bellballs] Cheetah Metal Ring- Silver
Ring: (Elate!)  Square Stone Ring – Pink Rhodochrosite

<333 Bells

And you feel like falling down…I’ll carry you home…tonight…

[►]  More mesh eyes! Izzie’s has released a ton of new mesh eyes.  I’m wearing a set below, aren’t they adorbs?  Izzie’s has already released some new natural nails, and they are super cute too! So many colors! \o/ Strangley enough for me, I don’t have too much to say tonight.  Hope everybody’s hump day goes smoothly tomorrow! PS: Totally addicted to this song.

And I know that I’m not
all that you got
I guess that I
I just thought maybe we could find new ways to fall apart
But our friends are back
So let’s raise a toast
Cause I found someone to carry me home

The List:

Skin:  [A] Skin -“[B]aby”- Pale – Ladies Out – Med  (New)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: *Alice Project* Eve [S] – Black (New)
Eyes: Izzie’s – Natural MESH Eyes *crystal blue*  (New)
Eyelashes: [Lelutka]-SEDUCTRESS volume sculpted  lashes
Eyeliner: Vaya Con Dios – Express Yourself – Eyeliner
Lip Color: PIDIDDLE – LipColor – Glossy Bare All / Teeth
Nails: Izzie’s – Classic Nails  (New)
Jacket: {mon tissu} Porter Jean Jacket – Used
Dress: -tb- C88 Vintage Slip – Taupe
Stockings: *League* Side-Gartered Stockings -DragonTattoo
Socks & Shoes: *Crazy* Sentenced Shoes & Socks
Tattoo: actchio. birds in the skull of a rose tattoo
Leg Tattoo: AITUI TATTOO – Rat Barbers
Face Piercing: :Hebenon Vial: Liquid Silver  (New)
Necklace: A:S:S – Gravity necklace (New)
Flowers: BND – Flower eye patch
Ring (R): FINESMITH – heart box ring (ZombiePopcorn Hunt 6)
Ring (L): p.c; Water Over Wine Ring
Bracelets: [DDL] Uprising Bracelet (L/W/BLU)
Watch: Kari – Barb Watch
Bag: ~Pepper~ Star Hunter Mesh Bag – TEAL  (New)
Poses: .ploom.

<333 Bells

And I never could have come this far without you…

[►]  Every girl knows they have one friend that they can go to with anything at any time and it won’t matter if your problem is serious or ridiculous, that friend is gonna sit and listen and understand and be supportive, even if they disagree with everything that comes out of your mouth.  One of those friends you don’t talk to for awhile and out of the blue one day, you find yourself talking for hours and catching up on things you’ve missed, as if you hadn’t missed a beat.  That’s my Jaliyah..or as I like to call her, Jelly.  She’s the Jelly to my Peanut Butter.  What’s reallllly cool, is when you and that friend have a few major common interests.  One of ours is blogging.  I’ve been super busy for awhile and not kept in touch with her as much as I should have, so we decided hanging out this weekend was a must..and of course..with that comes a blog post!  Aren’t we adorbs? Alright, enough mushy mushy, Jelly knows I ♥ her! On to the clothes!

I’m wearing some of the newest releases from d. Select.  These leather shorts and cardigan are soo cute and go so well together.  Also, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m a sucker for pig tail braids, so a huge thank you to Wasabi Pills for this hair.  Again, her mesh hair is just amazing and now comes in 2 sizes, one for boobs…and one for BOOBS! Jelly and I hit up t he Truth District earlier for the sale (yeah, I’ve been several times now lol). But, if you haven’t, make sure you get there before midnight slt, that’s when all the 50% off sales turn back into a pumpkin.  Jelly’s wearing some really cute accessories from R.icielli that she picked up during a recent sale.  I’m not sure if that’s still going on or not, but its worth a tp to find out!  I hope you’re all enjoying your weekends so far! I’ve got some pretty exciting news to share in a couple of days, so be prepared! ♥

PS: If you haven’t spent a day with a good friend in awhile, I highly recommend you do.  It’s good for the soul.

The List:

On Bells (L):

Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::.  MiChi III(A)5teeth (New)
Shape: Self Made
Eyes:  Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Monet Dawn)
Eyeliner: Vaya Con Dios – Express Yourself – Eyeliner Unisex – Soft
Eyelashes: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Hair: Wasabi Pills Kamiko Mesh Hair – Rye ♥ (New)
Nails: je suis…naive v.2 (Polka Dots)  (New) 50% off @ Truth District Sale until Midnight SLT
Cardigan: d. Select – simple cotton jacket sheer black ♥ (New)
Shorts: d. Select – leather shorts silver ♥ (New)
Stockings: Izzie’s – large dots
Shoes: HouseofFox :: ArchSpineBoots Shoes
Tatto:  Vestigium – Little Angel ♥ (Women Stuff Gift)
Headband: ::{u.f.o}:: pretty skull headband (Old ZP Hunt Item)
Necklace: Izzie’s – Onyx Stone Necklace
Ring (R): Izzie’s – Onyx Ring Middle Finger
Ring (L): Izzie’s – Onyx Stones Ring Forefinger
Bracelet: [DDL] Uprising Bracelet (B/W/L)

On Jaliyah (R):

Skin:  Pink Fuel Ember <Honey> – Scene
Hair:  Maitreya Siri – Browns Pack
Dress: (Elate!) Tuli (Night)
Stockings: erratic / fishnet thin / black
Shoes:  [Gos] Curvaceous Boots in Black
Belt: R.icielli – gold belt from CAROLINA dress
Earrings: R.icielli – MAGNOLIA Earrings (SALE)
lip piercing-[ skream! ] “confession” piercing (no longer available)
Hair piece- R.icielli – IRIS SKULL HEADPIECE /GOLD blackgems


Pic 1: !bang – Good Times, Pic 2: Gliterrati – Attitude

<333 Bells & Jaliyah

You can’t choose what stays and what fades away…

[►]  This post is FULL of newness!  Make sure you go by these shops and check out their new releases! ♥

The List:

Skin: -tb- Gatcha Skin: Rare (Season’s Gatcha)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: ::Exile:: Veronique:Persimmon
Eyes: Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Monet Dawn)
Eyelashes 1: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Eyelashes 2: .ploom. Lashes 6
Eyeliner 1: Vaya Con Dios – Express Yourself – Eyeliner Unisex – Soft
Eyeliner 2: ))P.ArT(( Foxy Crying Myst
Freckles: L.Fauna EXTRA FRECKLES [Pale]
Nails: ::TGIS:: Nails 3.0 Safari Collection
Shirt: IMBUE. Tiger ♥ (New)
Shorts: !Admiral Spicy! High Up Pants (Blue) ♥  (New)
Stockings: d. Select – grey nylon tights ♥
Socks: Lark – Cozy Socks  (Antlers) (New)
Belt: *Tea TIme* Belt Bullet Brown ♥ (New)
Shoes: !Admiral Spicy! Hawt Heel (Mud) ♥ (New)
Sleeves: Vestigium – Pirates – [Us] Dark ♥ (New)
Leg Tatto: AITUI TATTOO – Rat Barbers /fresh/
Feathers: PIDIDDLE – FeatherExtensions – Wheat Field Set
Necklace:   je suis…nocturne necklace
Watch: Kari – Barb Watch (old flf)
Bracelet (R):  [DDL] Uprising Bracelet
Ring 1 (R): PIDIDDLE – Gawdy Ring – Lost at Sea (Group Gift Special Edition)
Ring 2 (R): { r a n g s } Eagle’s Salute Ring
Bag: {mon tissu} Straw Tote Bag (Mon Tissu Soiree Gift)
Poses: .ploom.

<333 Bells


Long and weary my road has been…

[►]  Sometimes the gods shine on you and bestow you a gift.  My gift came in the form of this skin from Mother Goose this weekend! I was out shopping, as I tend to do pretty often, and noticed this skin on the lucky boards and had to have it.  So I pulled up a chair, tp’d some folks in and had a skin grabbing session! If you haven’t see all the lucky boards at Mother Goose, you absolutely have to! There are a ton of them and all the skins are super cute!  My letter eventually came up, I went home, unboxed the skin and INSTANT LOVE.  This is one of my favorite skins ever..totally serious!  It’s such an adorable face and it was free! Double win!  Theeen, I stumbled across these boots at Crazy.  I am in love you guys, like…wow.  I have a boot problem, I can you not love these??  They are mesh, so if you don’t have a mesh viewer yet, you’ll need one to view them in world, and I highly suggest you do that! ♥

The List:

Skin:  .::Mother Goose’s::. LENE – 1 teeth (LB) Main shop l (limited) (Lucky Board)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: [BURLEY]_Harlee_LBlonde04
Eyes: .ID. Snowfall Eyes / Blue (Season’s Gatcha)
Eyeliner: Vaya Con Dios – Express Yourself – Eyeliner Unisex – Soft
Eyelashes 1: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Eyelashes 2: .ploom. Lashes 6 ♥
Eyelashes 3: al vulo! [ LONG EYELASHES] ♥
Cardigan: *Epic* Fuzzy Cardigan Upper {Mocha-Caramel} ♥ (New)
Skirt: [SC] Surf Couture – Walkabout Denim Skirt
Tights: d. Select – wool tights red ♥
Boots: *Crazy* Veracruz Mesh Boots (New)
Tattoo: :Little Pricks: Live or Die Chest Tattoo
Headband: [kik] feather head dress
Piercing: [-iPoke-] Wind
Ring: (Elate!) Square Stone Ring – Tiger’s Eye ♥
Poses: .ploom.

<333 Bells

“I’d rather be with your friends mate ’cause they are much fitter.”

[►] Well we’ve just got a ton of stuff to show you guys today.  We’re wearing items that can be found in this weekends La Venta Eventa, SBS, Stumblebum, Collabor88, Season’s Gatcha and some designers who will be appearing in the ZombiePopcorn 6 Hunt beginning Feb. 1st.  First of all, this adorable skybox is Honey, I’m Home’s contribution to the new round of Stumblebum beginning today.  It is adorable! The textures used throughout the build make it the perfect girlie hangout.  It also includes some frames with cute sayings to place on the walls.  The build itself is only 60 prims, which makes the deal even sweeter. Lauren is wearing the jumper from -paper.doll- and I’m wearing the dress from Whippet & Buck, both available now and are part of Stumblebum.  Mood’s choker and earring set for Stumblebum is also very cute. Who doesn’t love a necklace that looks good with a deep v-neck?  The skin Jenica is wearing can be found at Collabor88 for only 88L and her earrings are black victorian crosses available at bellballs (they were an SBS item, but may still be up, i didn’t check.)  You guys also need to keep in mind that the ZP Hunt will be rolling around in just 2 weeks and will include some of the designers in this post: -paper.doll-, je suis, GoK, Vaya Con Dios, MOOD, .ID., Izzie’s, LouLou&Co, Boom, TeaTime, Gawk, and NHA!, So, clearly that’s gonna be something you need to mark on your calendars! ♥


The List:

On Lauren (L):

Skin:   Illusory :  Paige_Honey – Simple Liner
Eyes:  Fashism –  ’Sunrise’ Eyes –  Rising Sun ♥
Lashes:  Garage – *Eyelashes v.18*
Lashes:  Cheap Makeup –  Vintage Lash 1
Freckles: Vaya Con Dios – Freckles – Medium
Lip gloss:  Pink Fuel – Elly <Milk> Glam Lipstick (Hard Candy)
Romper:  –paper.doll– – Maddy: Magic ♥  (Stumblebum)
Tights:  {mon tissu} – Favorite Wool Tights ~ Black
Boots:  {mon tissu} – Provence Riding Boots – Black
Flowers:  Clawtooth – Flower Power (Purple & Charcoal)
Bangles:  ::je suis -asymetrique::grays::bangles
Nails: -TSH- –  Black Tipped French Nails
Necklace:  ::MOOD:: Ambition Choker ♥ (Stumblebum)
Earrings:  ::MOOD:: Ambition Earrings ♥ (Stumblebum)

On Jenica (C):

Skin:  Illusory Skin – Paige_Milk – Fussion (C88)
Hair: LoQ Hairs Baileys – Chocolate Copper ♥
Eyes: .ID. Snowfall Eyes / Seasons Gatcha / Blue (Season’s Gatcha)
Jacket: ::BB:: Studded Biker Jacket
Top: –paper.doll– Maddy: Passion ♥
Skirt:  .:* LOULOU&CO *:. – Skirt :: BETTY :: Black Mesh (La Venta Eventa)
Tights: Izzie’s – Tights zigzag
Shoes: GoK– Crystal Heels Leopard ♥ (Limited Couture)
Earrings: bellballs essentials– Victorian Cross Earrings- Black (SBS)
Necklace: Aphotic Gloom – The Duke II Rosary Necklace

On Bells (R):

Skin: (AMD) Sophie – Pale (New)
Shape: . Pekka. – Margareta
Hair: Kin-Elsa-[Black]
Eyes: Fashism ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Silver ♥
Eyeliner 1: ))P.ArT(( Foxy Crying Myst (6)
Eyeliner 2: Boom Liquid Glaze (lashed) Hot Pink
Eyelashes: –Glam Affair-REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Nails: ::je suis…naive v.2
Dress:  Whippet & Buck The Talk Dress SPARKLE ♥ (Stumblebum)
Tights: –paper.doll– Tights: BlackDots ♥
Shoes: [M.][Oxsanna Glitter Pumps][Black] ♥
Belt: Gawk! Black Leather Waist Belt ♥
Bag: ::je suis…sauvage clutch zebra ♥
Headband: NHA! Olimpo Headband
Bracelet: ZC : Vyomini chained bracelet *onyx-silver*
Necklace & Earrings: ::MOOD:: Ambition Choker ♥ (Stumblebum)
Ring:  Anthem. Coal ring silver

Skybox: [HiH] The Sweet Pea Skybox ♥ (Stumblebum)
Poses: Glitterati.ploom.

<333 Bells, Lauren & Jenica

Warm me up…And breathe me…

[►]  Helloo lovies! Today was an awesome shopping day! It started off with the abduction of Mrs ZombiePopcorn herself, Jenica Penucca.  We spent the better part of the day tping around stores, looking for cute stuff and by the end of the day I made her do a blog post with me.  We were just far too cute not to!  We stumbled across MARIKO, a cute little skin shop that I’d never been to.  The skins there are completely adorable and to make it even better, they’re all 50% right now, so if you like the skin I’m wearing, I highly recommend you check the shop out, sooner, rather than later! I’m wearing some things I picked up at Fashionably Late and *Crazy*.  I love the new mesh boots I picked up there.  I’ve been looking for an opportunity to wear the flower headband from LaGyo and was able to work it into this outfit.  I realize the flowers are a bit big, but its mod if you wanna size them down a bit, you can.  Jenica’s all decked out in a really cute dress she picked up at PRISS.  The bag she’s carrying is also from PRISS annnnnd free to good homes! So if you have a penchant for bags or accessories, its a good one to grab! ♥

The List:

On Bells (Left):

Shape: Self Made
Hair: >TRUTH< Leesa w/Roots – swedish (New)
Eyes: .ID. Real Eyes / Stumblebum 6 ♥
Eyeliner: Vaya Con Dios – Express Yourself – Eyeliner Unisex – Soft
Eyelashes: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Freckles: L.Fauna EXTRA FRECKLES [Pale]
Nails:   je suis…naive v.2 BASIC NAILS (metallic pinks)
Cardigan: *Crazy* Asym Cardigan
Undershirt:  d. Select – sheer ruffle top rose (Fashionably Late)
Skirt: -tb- Frou Frou Skirt – Beige
Stockings: Floral Stockings (no longer available)
Boots: *Crazy* Charro Boots (New)
Sleeve Tattoo: Vestigium – Candy World – Dark ♥ (New)
Neck Tattoo: ::LEO-NT:: PLS FORGIVE ME<3 ♥ (New)
Headband: LaGyo_Peonies headband aqua
Necklace: (fd) Crystal Necklace – Sea
Bracelet: [DDL] Uprising Bracelet
Bag: (TokiD) del rey bag (camel) ♥ (New)

On Jenica (Right)

Skin: al vulo!– cloe * BOHEMIENE milk
Lips: KOSH– GLOSSY LIPS -strawberry-
Eyes: –Sorry.Asia– May.Eyes (blue)
Hair: ::Exile:: Ashlyn:Roots-Chardonnay
Hair Clip: MONS / Head Accessories Honey 3
Cardigan: PRISS Chinoiserie Cardigan in Dusk
Dress: PRISS Vaudeville Girl Dress in Blood
Clutch: PRISS Ereenu Oversized Clutch Pink FREE
Tights: –paper.doll– Tights: BrownHearts
Shoes: *GF* Strap Shoes “Alex” -emerald-

Poses: Glitterati
Furnishings:  Cheeky Pea – Vita’s  (C88) & North West

<333 Bells & Jenica

No we won’t fade into darkness…

[►]  It goes without saying that this post was quite the undertaking, but we had a ton of fun doing it! There’s tons of new stuff in here, lots of stuff from today’s FLF (the last one ever!) including the couch in the second picture from LOFT and the Vanity in the third picture from Cheeky Pea and a lot of our favorite stuff from over the past few months.  If you’ve not gone FLF shopping yet, you still have some time to make it before it’s all gone for good!

As 2011 will soon fade to black and 2012 will dawn on us, my wish for you all is that regardless if your 2011 was the best year ever, that your 2012 will be even more amazing! On that note, Happy New Years a lil bit early, I’ll be out tomorrow night, maybe I’ll see some of you! ❤

The List:

On Lauren (L):

Skin:  Illusory :  Paige_Honey – Simple Liner (Red Brow)
Lashes:  Redgrave – Eyelashes -6- Natural
Eye shadow:   L.Fauna – L.Fauna Smokey Cat-Shadow [Black]
Freckles: Vaya Con Dios – Freckles – TINTABLE – Medium
Lip gloss:  Pink Fuel – Elly <Milk> Glam Lipstick (Hard Candy)
Hair:   Lamb –  Frenchie – Rotten Carrot
Dress:  League – Sequin Scoop Dress -Black
Shoes:  N-Core – N-core COQUETTE Glitter Edition “Black”
Necklace:  Mood – Splendor ~ Barbara’s Necklace *Diamond/Platinum*
Earrings:  Mood – Splendor ~ Barbara’s Earring *Diamond/Plat*
Bangles: Mood – Mirage Glam Bangles – Blanco

On Bells (R)

Skin:  Illusory Illusory Skin – Love_Milk – Winter Edge
Shape: Self Made
Hair: *~*Damselfy*~*Morrisania/Black Pearl
Eyes: Fashism ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Eggplant
Eyelashes: –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Eyeliner:  L.Fauna – Megawing Liner
Nails: Je Suis…naive
Dress: Gawk! Black Sequin Mini Dress  (NEW)
Stockings: Izzie’s – Feet half sheer outside
Shoes: [M.][Oxsana Glitter Pumps][Black] (NEW))
Tattoo:  Aitui TATTOO – The Ones Who Hate   [Faded] (NEW)
Ring (L): Je Suis…eternelle::ring
Ring (R): Paper Couture; Water Over Wine Ring
Pose: Glitterat – Clebrate 3 (FLF 12/30)

The List:

On Bells (L):

Skin: Body Co. Orchid (02 Ivory)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: [elikatira] Show – Brown 08
Eyes: .ID. Mirror Eyes/Blue
Eyelashes: Glam Affair REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Eyeliner:  L.Fauna – Megawing Liner
Lipgloss: Pink Fuel Elly <Honey> Doll Gloss (Beestung)
Nails: Je Suis…naive
Top: Maitreya – Silk Neck-Tie Blouse * Pure (NEW)
Pants: [celoe.lolong.trousers.makara]
Shoes: Maitreya – Alexa Wedges * Terra Cotta (NEW) (FLF 12/30)
Bag: (Milk Motion) My clutch bag (FLF 12/30)
Bracelets: *League* Pearls & Lace
Ear cuff: bellballs essentials/PIDIDDLE – Fringed Cuff – FallFlame L (Golden Finish)
Ring: LaGyo_Adele ring (NEW)
Pose: Glitterati – So Close (Moded)

On Lauren (R):

Skin:  Illusory :  Paige_Honey – Simple Liner (Red Brow)
Lashes:  Redgrave – Eyelashes -6- Natural
Lashes:  Cheap Makeup –  Vintage Lash 1
Freckles: Vaya Con Dios – Freckles – TINTABLE – Medium
Lip gloss:  Pink Fuel – Elly <Milk> Glam Lipstick (Fushia)
Hair:  Wasabi Pills –  Bambi Mesh Hair – Cinnamon
Tank Top 1:  Jane – intrinsic.tank.raven
Cardigan:   Willow – Beaded Cardigan Sleeve- Raspberry
Pants:  Jane – wide leg pant.zooey.raven
Shoes:  Pixel Mode – Baby T’s Plain : Black
Belt:  Mon Tissu – Park Avenue Belt (part of Park Avenue top)
Necklace: Undefined Lilies – holly is manifold (gold/pink) chest
Earrings: Undefined Lilies – wing ding (pink/gold)

The List:

On Lauren (L):

Skin:   Illusory :  Paige_Honey – Simple Liner (Red Brow)
Lashes:   Redgrave – Eyelashes -6- Natural
Lashes:  Cheap Makeup –  Vintage Lash 1
Freckles: Vaya Con Dios – Freckles – TINTABLE – Medium
Lip gloss:   Pink Fuel – Elly <Milk> Doll Gloss (Blush)
Hair:  (love)@Four Corners – cordelia [reds]
Dress:  Willow –Flock Dress
Shoes:  LeLutka – Pow Pumps – Black
Earrings:  Amorous –  Simplicity
Necklace:  Amorous – Simplicity
Bracelet:  Willow – Birds of a Feather Bracelets
Bracelets –  Mandala – (A type)JYUZU SINRA bracelet/vintage gold

On Bells (R):

Skin: al vulo!– Polly*  natural porcelain (Private Room)
Shape: Self Made
Hair: SLink – Angel Hair Ink
Eyes: Fashism ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Cool Silver
Eyeliner: * BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed) Silver
Eyelashes: – Glam Affair – REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Nails: Je Suis …naive
Blazer: Izzie’s – Velvet Blazer black
Dress: Tres Blah Sequin Dress – Silver (FLF 12/30)
Shoes: SLink – Glitter Peeptoe – Antique Silver
Headpiece:  Ricielli – IRIS SKULL HEADPIECE
Ring (L): ((Crystal line))*whitedove*ring
Ring (R): LaGyo_Shield rings silver/black
Arm cuff: (Milk Motion) My silver cuff (FLF 12/30)
Clutch: *COCO*_Satin Clutch (Black)
Pose: Gliterrati – Girls Night (Moded)

<333 Lauren & Bells

The beauty of love as it was made to be…

[►]  I think this post might wrap up today’s whirl-wind blog fest! I’ve been a busy girl! If you’ve not yet been to Limited Couture, you should hop over and see what it’s about.  Each item has only a specific number available and once they’re gone, they’re gone!  This jacket from Zenith was picked up at the Limited Couture event…isn’t it adorable? Also, Exile has released new hair (this isn’t one of them lol) but I wanted to mention there’s tons of new stuff out, I just haven’t been able to pop over there yet! Let the weekend commence! ❤

The List:

Skin: (love) skin – Emma Light
Shape: Self Made
Hair: ::Exile:: Miu:Stefani
Eyes: FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Pale Mint (S) ♥
Eyeliner: Vaya Con Dios – Express Yourself – Eyeliner Unisex – Soft
Eyelashes 1:  –Glam Affair– REGINA – Eyelashes 05
Eyelashes 2: DeeTaleZ eyelashes ♥
Nails: ::je suis…naive v.2
Jacket: Zenith – Buttons Coat (Khaki) (Limited Couture)
Button Up: Schadenfreude White Oxford
Pants: !Admiral Spicy! Flared Pants V2 (Brown) ♥
Shoes: Maitreya Treaders – Exclusive Groupgift ‘Rosewood’
Clutch: ––La BlaQ–– Jolene’s Clutch _ Fonce V.1
Ear Piercings: .Pekka.Montis Ear Piercings
Belt: Nyte’N’Day – Ginger Belt – Dark Brown/Silver Studs
Ring: ~ imbue. vintage ring ♥
Poses: .:Still Life:. & * MP* ♥

<333 Bells